Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons 20th Anniversary Game's Characters, Gameplay Detailed

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Towns, NPCs, character creation shown for summer 2016 game

Marvelous issued a press release and screenshots for its newly announced Bokujō Monogatari: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsu na Tomodachi (Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: Precious Friends From Three Villages) Nintendo 3DS game on Monday.

As previously described, the game features three locales: Lulucoco Town (Lulucoco Mura), Tsuyukusa Village (Tsuyukusa no Sato or Dew Grass Village), and Wes Town.

Lulucoco Town is a tropical-themed town set in an island, with beaches, a mysterious ruin, tropical fruits, and marine products. Tsuyukusa Village is based on Japanese villages, with tiled roofs and agricultural land. Wes Town is a former mining town, and features wooden buildings with a theme of a Western town.

Players are able to build facilities on their farm, which modifies the rate of crop growth and efficiency depending on their arrangement. Players are also able to raise pets that live with them in their home. They can take the pet to festival events in the village. The game includes the ability to fish, participate in seasonal festivals, and work part-time jobs.

Players are able to create a custom character, and are able to choose their gender and appearance. NPCs exist in the game that the player can build relationships with. Players are able to eventually marry NPCs, and can have children with them. Marvelous showed two NPCs that players can eventually marry (Lichette and Wayne), as well as other NPCs in the game.







The game celebrates the series' 20th anniversary. It is slated for release in summer this year for 4,980 yen (about US$42).

Natsume published most of the previous games in the franchise under the umbrella title of Harvest Moon in North America. However, since Xseed Games — Marvelous AQL's own subsidiary — published the most recent game in North America, it cannot use Natsume's Harvest Moon title. The last game, Bokujō Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi for Nintendo 3DS, debuted in North America under the title Story of Seasons last March.

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