Live-Action Kōdai-ke no Hitobito Film's Teaser Reveals June 4 Opening

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Haruka Ayase, Takumi Saitou star in romantic comedy about family of telepaths

The official website of the live-action film adaptation of Gokusen creator Kozueko Morimoto's Kōdai-ke no Hitobito manga began streaming a teaser for the film on Wednesday. The teaser reveals' the film's opening date of June 4.

Narrator: A plain and boring girl who is prone to daydreaming: Kie Hirano
Text: Daydreaming girl: Kie Hirano
Narrator: The girl meets a handsome elite guy.
Text: Tokyo University graduate, celebrity, quarter Japanese
Girl: Fact is, that guy is royalty, part of family involved in a lot of conspiracies.
Text: Daydream
Mitsumasa: I won't hand you over.
Narrator: But...
Kie and Text: A telepath?
Text: Eldest son: Mitsumasa
Text: Eldest daughter: Shigeko
Narrator: The siblings are all telepaths who can read people's thoughts.
Text: Second son: Kazumasa
Kie and Text: I like you!
Mitsumasa: Me too.
Kie: What?
Narrator: A hilarious daydream romantic comedy.
Text: Daydream
Kie: Help me.
Narrator and Logo: Kōdai-ke no Hitobito
Narrator: All my thoughts are being read by the person I like!

The film's staff also revealed a visual of Haruka Ayase in costume as her character.

The cast includes (clockwise starting from top row left):

  • Haruka Ayase as Kie Hirano
  • Takumi Saitou as Mitsumasa Kōdai
  • Masachiki Ichimura as Shigemasa Jr. (Masao)
  • Mao Daichi as Yūko Kōdai
  • Shōtarō Mamiya as Kazumasa Kōdai
  • Kiko Mizuhara as Shigeko Kōdai

Masato Hijikata (Zettai Kareshi - Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot, Night Head) is directing the film, with scripts by Arisa Kaneko (Densha Otoko).

The story centers around Kie Hirano, a 30-year old female office worker with a large-scale imagination. She gets to know Mitsumasa Kōdai, a handsome colleague, who also happens to be a telepath who can read people's thoughts. Mitsumasa is charmed by Kie's personality, and they start a relationship. Mitsumasa's mother Yūko judges Kie to be unfit to marry her son, but the family matriarch Ann makes Yūko retract the statement. Now Ann teaches Kie how to be a proper lady, and Kie's life becomes intertwined with the Kōdai family.

Morimoto (Kenshūi Nanako, Deka Wanko) launched the Kōdai-ke no Hitobito manga in Shueisha's Monthly You magazine in February 2013, after publishing a one-shot "Kōdai-ke no Hitobito" manga in the magazine's December 2012 issue. Shueisha published the manga's fourth compiled book volume last September.

Morimoto's Gokusen manga has also received multiple live-action adaptations, including three television series in 2002, 2005, and 2008; two live-action television specials in 2003 and in 2009; and a live-action film in July 2009. The manga also inspired a 13-episode TV anime series in 2004. Media Blasters released the anime in North America from 2004 to 2005.

Source: Comic Natalie

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