World Conquest Zvezda Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
New release from Manga Entertainment

On Monday February 1, Manga Entertainment will release World Conquest Zvezda on both Blu-ray and DVD. Aniplex of America previously described the anime as follows:

Every leader of the past has thought of it… but all they have done was to merely dream of its greatness. WORLD DOMINATION…nobody has been able to achieve it. Until one little girl by the name of KATE HOSHIMIYA came along. KATE HOSHIMIYA will shock the world!

How was she was able to carry out such a MAGNIFICENT stunt? So FRIGHTFUL! So GLORIOUS!

Could this be…the ZVEZDA PLOT?!

Let the light of our great ZVEZDA shine upon this land far and wide!

Tensai Okamura (Blue Exorcist, Darker than Black, Wolf's Rain) directed the television anime at A-1 Pictures. Type-Moon's Meteo Hoshizora and Okamura were in charge of the series scripts. Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Allison & Lillia, Kino's Journey, Sky Girls) created the original character designs, and Keigo Sasaki (Blue Exorcist, Night Raid 1931) adapted them for animation.

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