Gankutsuou and Gundam Released Monday

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Also, twenty-third box-set of Naruto Shippūden

On Monday February 8, Anime Limited will release its Blu-ray edition of Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo.

Director Mahiro Maeda (Blue Submarine No.6, The Animatrix's "Second Renaissance") oversaw this science-fiction re-imagining of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel about revenge and deception. Natsuko Takahashi (07-Ghost, Tales of Agriculture) and Tomohiro Yamashita (Afro Samurai, Red Garden) supervised the scripts, while Hidenori Matsubara (Ah! My Goddess, Sakura Wars) designed the characters which Gonzo gave a distinctive stained-glass texture. The anime aired in Japan from 2004 to 2005, and won the award for the best television series at the 10th Animation Kobe Fair.

Instead of the post-revolutionary-era France of the original novel, Gonzo's retelling takes place in a surreal distant future. Albert, the son of a renowned general, meets the enigmatic Count of Monte Cristo during a festival on Luna. Albert invites the beguiling count back to Paris. Unbeknownst to Albert, his father had once framed the count and destroyed the count's personal and public life. What follows is a dark passage for Albert as he discovers the depths of the past wrongs and the lengths that the count is willing to go to avenge himself.

Anime Limited will also release the second half of the 1979 series Mobile Suit Gundam on Blu-ray.

Manga Entertainment will release the twenty-third box-set of Naruto Shippuden, carrying episodes 284 to 296 of the series.

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