Tales of Berseria's 3rd Promo Video Previews FLOW's Theme Song

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Latest Tales of RPG will be for PS3/PS4 in Japan, PS4/PC in the West

Bandai Namco Entertainment released the third promotional video for its upcoming Tales of Berseria role-playing game via the official YouTube channel of Shueisha's V-Jump magazine on Sunday. The video previews the game's theme song "BURN" by FLOW.

The game's cast so far includes:

Rina Satou as Velvet Crowe
Designed by: Mutsumi Inomata

Azumi Asakura as Laphicet
Designed by: Minoru Iwamoto

Daisuke Kishio as Rokuro
Designed by: Daigo Okumura

Ami Koshimizu as Eleanor
Designed by: Kousuke Fujishima

In addition, Satomi Satou will play Magiru, an unidentified traveling witch designed by Daigo Okumura. She's a lively person, but she has a dark side. Naomi Nagasawa will play Bien Phu, a strange Malak who wears a hat.

The game is set in a world called Wasteland, on a continent named Glenwood — the same continent as the previous Tales of Zestiria, although in a much earlier time period. Central to the setting is the Sacred Kingdom of Midgand, which stretches across multiple large islands and smaller archipelagos. It is large enough to have climate variations ranging between its northern and southern regions, with the northern regions recently experiencing stronger snowstorms as the world grows colder. The Kingdom continues to develop its shipbuilding capability, but due to harsh weather, seaborne trade must still travel well-known paths, which are constantly beset by pirates.

Three years ago, a sickness known as Daemonblight (Gōma-byō) befell the land. The sickness turns people into Daemons, and the world has fallen into an age of chaos. Even then, in a remote region of the Kingdom, the protagonist Velvet lived with her family in relative comfort. A night came when a red moon rose, and she was betrayed by people she trusted. She lost her family, while a mysterious power that consumed demons possessed her left arm. A measure of order returned to the world after a savior appeared, but Velvet harbored anger for that savior.

The game's new Liberation Linear Motion Battle System will remain based on the franchise's familiar combat mechanics. Players can now manipulate the camera with the right stick. Artes can be set on each face button on the controller, and can be modified mid-battle.

A new Soul Gauge will control how many Artes a player can chain together in a combo. The Soul Gauge starts with three at the onset of every battle, and can be increased by stealing them from opponents. Opponents may also steal from the player characters' Soul Gauge. Every participant in combat has a Soul Gauge, and enemies can use it in the same manner as the player characters.

Bandai Namco Entertainment previously streamed an English-subtitled trailer for the game in December.

Bandai Namco Entertainment will ship the game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan this year, and the company will release the game for PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe. Bandai Namco Entertainment has not yet announced a release window for the West.

The upcoming role-playing game will be the first in the Tales of franchise to feature only a heroine as the protagonist (as opposed to Tales of Xillia, which featured a man and a woman as dual protagonists). Animation studio ufotable will animate the game's cutscenes.

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