RS Project -Rebirth Storage- Robot Anime's Special Video Reveals June Debut

posted on by Egan Loo
Mecha anime contest winner debuts as TV special

The offical website for the RS Project -Rebirth Storage- anime opened on Thursday and posted a 30-second special video and a new visual. The website and the video announce that the anime will premiere as a television special on Fuji TV in June.

The tagline on the website reads, "I will protect you. Until dawn breaks on this night."

RS Project (originally proposed as "F.S. Project" for "Find Storage") takes place in a parallel world that resembles modern Japan, but where alien lifeforms known as "Kikō" (Trick) fell from the sky in 2025 and wiped out many cities. Nine years later, the main characters are a pilot, Yuzuru Midō, and her assistant, Rin Sagami, who use a mecha made out of an enemy's remains discovered in Japan. However, battle causes memory loss for the pilot, and they must unravel the mystery as to why.

The anime won the "Bokutachi no Mitai Mecha Anime o Tsukurou Seisaku Iinkai" ('Let's make the mecha anime we want to see' production committee, or "MechaTsuku" for short) contest from smartphone novel production company Every Star. Roll was in charge of the original planning for the contest entry, and Shūichirō Satō designed the mecha. Every Star is also hosting some of RS Project's submitted mecha designs for the contest.

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