Frontwing Reveals Hatsumira Z1 Visual Novel

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Story focuses on character Carmine from 1st Hatsumira/From the Future Undying game

The official Twitter account for game developer Frontwing's From the Future Undying (Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori or Hatsumira) visual novel announced on Thursday that a new visual novel tentatively titled Hatsumira Z1 is in development.

At the request of fans, the new story will focus on the character Elmarma Carmine (pictured right, voiced by Ion Momoyama).

The development team shared a temporary image for the story that is "not gag-based."

Frontwing describes the story:

During the Pacific War, non-comissioned officer and Zero fighter plane pilot Ichiro Mimori (Technical Sergeant) had attempted a kamikaze attack on an enemy ship. However, at moment of his attack, he was suddenly flung into a desert in a location unknown and crashed. When he was wandering the desert and on the verge of death, he was saved by a princess who is able to transform into a dragon. With no idea of where he is, he also does not know how to return home. However, Ichiro is determined to return to Japan because of the promise he made, even if death is waiting for him.

The original Hatsumira game shipped in Japan on November 27. Frontwing has promoted the game in English on Facebook, but an overseas release is still "undecided."

The game reunited some of the staff from The Fruit of Grisaia. Akio Watanabe, Fumio, and INO designed the characters, and Ryuta Fujisaki, Yuhi Nanao, Kazuya, and Yoshikazu Kuwashima wrote the scenario.

Update: Frontwing emphasized that the story is not gag-based.

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