Higurashi Kizuna/Gal Gun Game Publisher Alchemist Files for Bankruptcy

posted on by Egan Loo
Developed & released games since Kimi ga Nozomu Eien's 2002 Dreamcast port

The 4Gamer website reported on Tuesday that game publisher and developer Alchemist filed for voluntary bankruptcy at the Sapporo District Court on April 1, the first day of the new fiscal year.

Alchemist was established in 1991, and began developing and releasing game software with the Sega Dreamcast port of Age's PC game Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) in 2002. Alchemist's later titles include Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna and other ports of Seventh Expansion's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry - Higurashi) games, as well as the Gal☆Gun games with developer Inti Creates. It developed or published titles tied to anime and manga such as Saki, Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A, and Chibi Devi! The Gal☆Gun Double Peace sequel shipped for the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 last year.

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