Fate/Grand Order Smartphone Game to Run Fate/Zero Special Event

posted on by Karen Ressler
Gen Urobuchi writes original story

The official Type-Moon YouTube channel began streaming a commercial for the Fate/Zero-themed special event within its Fate/Grand Order smartphone game on Wednesday. The event will take place from April 27 to May 11.

The event, "Fate/Accel Zero Order," will have an original story composed by original Fate/Zero novel writer Gen Urobuchi. Iskander will appear in the story. ufotable produced the animation in the commercial.

The story is set in seven eras of human history. The seven chapters of the story total more than 1 million Japanese characters, and each of the servants also has his or her own story scenario.

Aniplex released the game on Android and iOS devices in July and August, respectively. Kinoko Nasu supervised and wrote the scenario with Yūichirō Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai. Takashi Takeuchi is in charge of character designs and art direction.

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