Crackle to Stream Robotech TV Series, Film

posted on by Karen Ressler
Series debuts on Sony's streaming service on May 15

Sony's video streaming service Crackle announced on Wednesday that it has acquired streaming rights to Harmony Gold's Robotech television series and the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles feature film. Crackle will post all 85 episodes of the series and the film on May 15.

Crackle streamed an introduction video for the television series:

Crackle announced last month that it has launched seven new "multiplex channels," including one specifically for anime. The channels play like linear television when selected, but episodes are also available on demand.

The anime currently available on Crackle include: Wolverine, X-Men, Iron Man, Gurren Lagann, Magi, Fate/Zero, Occult Academy, R.O.D -The TV-, Blue Exorcist, Ghost Slayers Ayashi, Blood+, Kurozuka, Viper's Creed, Steamboy, Tekkonkinkreet, Ultraviolet: Code 044, Valkyria Chronicles, and Tokyo Godfathers.

Robotech was Harmony Gold's edited and rewritten 1985 adaptation of three separate anime science-fiction series: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada. The 2006 Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles film was a US-produced sequel to the television series. Content Media is the current worldwide distributor for both the series and the film.

The Hollywood Reporter reported last June that James Wan had signed on to direct Sony's planned live-action Robotech film.

Thanks to Rukiia for the news tip.

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