Sekai Project to Release MAGICAL×SPIRAL, 2236 A.D. Games

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Company also announces Anime Expo guests, launches crowdfunding campaign for Ne no Kami

Visual novel and manga publisher Sekai Project announced at its panel at Anime Central on Friday that it will release Broken Desk's MAGICAL×SPIRAL action game. The company additionally announced that it will release Chloro's 2236 A.D. adult visual novel.

Sekai Project describes MAGICAL×SPIRAL as follows:

Medianne Phirtia, a student residing in Midgard, has long-held admirations for ‘Celestria’ — it's a place spoken of in fairy tales where magic users dwell. During her study breaks, Medianne would often indulge her curiosity by reading books about such tales…until finally, she was able to confirm the existence of Celestria thanks to her adept research. The mysterious ‘Tower of Phantasm’ that lies in the very center of the world: that is the entrance to Celestria!
In MAGICAL×SPIRAL players will climb perilous tower floors, battle waves of increasingly difficult monsters, and upgrade their magical abilities to summon spirit allies to come to their aid in this unusual magic-based action game!

The company also opened a page for the game on Friday, and is also streaming a trailer.

Broken Desk released MAGICAL×SPIRAL for PC in Japan in December. The features the following voice cast: Ayaka Iwagami (Medianne Phirtia), Ruru Ichinose (Salamander), Yuuki Imagawa (Flower Golem), Marina Ishii (Sylph), Airi Katahira (Undine), and Momiji Yamamoto (Sobel). Lalami performs the game's theme song. The game does not have adult content.

Sekai Project describes 2236 A.D. as follows:

In the spring of 2231 humanity had evolved and a new kind of communication ability called “telepathy” emerged. In his first term at school, Yotsuba, takes notice to a girl who doesn't use these newly developed telepathic abilities, and as the days pass by, the girl remains shut in and closed off to the world around her. One day, in the yard of his home, Yotsuba finds a Phillips-head screwdriver. He soon discovers that the misplaced screwdriver came from a nearby abandoned manor and proceeds to investigate. Why does this girl not utilize her telepathic abilities? What will Yotsuba find inside the mysterious abandoned manor? The answers to these questions await player discovery in 2236 A.D.

Sekai Project will release an all ages version of the game on Steam this year, and will also release an adult version on Denpasoft. The company also began streaming a trailer for the game on Friday (Note: trailer may not be safe for work.).

Sekai Project additionally revealed that it will launch its IndieGoGo campaign for the Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto yuri visual novel on May 25. The company is also streaming a trailer for the game.

As with 2236 A.D., Sekai Project plans to release an all-ages version on Steam and an adult version on Denpasoft. Kuro Irodoru Yomiji released the game on the PC in August 2015, then on iOS and Android last fall.

Sekai Project also announced that it will bring three guests to this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles: Sayori from NEKO WORKs (NEKOPARA); CreSpirit (Rabi-Ribi) CEO and president Sirluma and artist Saiste; and ALICE IN DISONANCE (fault) dojin circle founder, writer, and director Munisix and art director Hare Konatsu.

The company is hosting a campaign on social media to commemorate the upcoming guests. The company will select "the best or most interesting social media post" from Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram that uses the hashtag "“#NEKOPROJECTAX," and winners will receive NEKOPARA-themed prizes.

Update: Munisix's name spelling corrected.

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