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Fumiko Fumi Launches New Manga Collaboration With Essayist Sayawaka in June

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
New manga "qtμt" debuts in Monthly Big Gangan on June 25

The June issue of Square Enix's Monthly Big Gangan magazine revealed on Wednesday that writer Sayawaka and manga creator Fumiko Fumi will collaborate on a new manga tentatively titled qtμt (pronounced "kyu-ti-myu-ti"). The manga will debut in the magazine's next issue on June 25. Fumi posted a visual from the manga (pictured at right) and a four-panel character introduction comic, and has since posted three more comics.

The magazine teases the manga with the text "The girl does not even know love."

Sayawaka is a writer, essayist, and literary critic who has written the books Boku-tachi no Game Shi (Our Game History), AKB Shōhō wa Nandatta no ka (What Was AKB Business?), and Boku-tachi to Idol no Jidai (The Age of Idols and Us). Sayawaka mot recently published Chara no Shikō-hō Gendai Bunkaron no Upgrade (Principles of Creating Characters - An Upgrade of Modern Cultural Commentary) last December.

Fumi most recently launched her new Josō Danshi to Menhera Oji-san (The Crossdressing Young Man and the Uncle With Mental Illness) manga in Libre Publishing's Be x Boy magazine on May 6. She has published such manga as Fundari Kettari, Onna no Ana, and Bokura no Hentai. Her Koi ni Tsukimono and Onna no Ana manga were adapted into live-action films in 2015.

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