Crunchyroll Adds Mr. Osomatsu 'Episode 3.5,' Gakuen Heaven, GTO's English Dub

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Crunchyroll announced on Tuesday and Thursday that it has added the Mr. Osomatsu anime's "episode 3.5" to its catalog, as well as the Gakuen Heaven television anime and the English dubbed version of GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka. It also revealed the release date for its previously announced The Grim Reaper and an Argent Cavalier and Sukedachi 09 manga, and released the sixth and seventh volumes of the Gugure! Kokkuri-san manga, as well as the second volume of Nanbaka manga.

The Mr. Osomatsu anime's episode 3.5 was included in the anime's first DVD and Blu-ray Disc volume in Japan on January 29. It replaces the first episode, which was removed from streaming sites in Japan last November, and Crunchyroll removed it in the same month. Both episode 1 and episode 3 of the broadcast version contained parodies of other properties, with the third episode partially altered from its original broadcast version for the Japanese home video release.

Episode 3.5 features two short segments titled "Matsu Soup" and "Virgin Hero."

Crunchyroll describes the Gakuen Heaven anime:

Ito Keita has one thing in his favor: luck! And luck has just landed him a special invitation to attend the Bell Liberty Academy for Boys, an exclusive high school only for the most privileged, the most talented, and the most beautiful. When a strange accident on move-in day attracts the attention of Niwa Tetsuya, the student body president, and Saiyonji Kaoru, the class secretary, Ito finds himself the center of attention. With the eyes of a whole school of pretty boys on him, where will Ito find the time to unravel the mystery of his invitation?

The anime is based on SPRAY's Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! boys-love game, which shipped in 2002. The anime aired in 2006. Tokyo Kids produced the anime, and Media Blasters released the series for North America on DVD in 2007.

The game also received multiple manga adaptations by You Higuri. The first launched in 2004 and was published in a single compiled volume, followed by several character-focused spinoff manga. Tokyopop's Blu imprint published Gakuen Heaven, Gakuen Heaven: Nakajima, and Gakuen Heaven: Endou - Calling You. Higuri published a new manga in November 2014 based on Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~, the second game in the series.

Crunchyroll previously added the GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka anime with English subtitles in January 2015. The English dub is available for users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Crunchyroll describes the anime:

Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker and college karate champ. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. His goal: to be the greatest high school teacher in the world! Unfortunately, the only teaching job available is at Holy Forest Academy (no certification required). There he uses his street smarts to deal with colleagues and students alike.

Aside from releasing the sixth and seventh volumes, Crunchyroll will release two chapters of the Gugure! Kokkuri-san manga every week from the manga's eighth volume, beginning with chapter 68 and 69 on August 10. Both The Grim Reaper and an Argent Cavalier and Sukedachi 09 will have a bimonthly release schedule, with the former beginning on August 10, and the latter on August 17.

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