M&C! Licenses Your Secret, My World Your Reality, My Shikigami Lover Manga

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Indonesian publisher M&C announced last Tuesday that it has licensed Nana Shiiba's Don't Say to Anyone About Us (Ne, Darenimo Himitsu da yo), Megumi Hazuki's Your Secret (Kimi no Himitsu), Bambi Shirayuki's Magical Fromage (Torokeru Magical Fromage), Ayuko Hatta's My World Your Reality (Boku no Sekai Kimi no Real), and Mio Nanao's My Shikigami Lover (Mugen Sowaka) manga. The first four titles are slated for August 31, with only the the first volume of My Shikigami Lover slated for the same date.

Don't Say to Anyone About Us collects five one-shot manga stories that Shiiba published in Shueisha's Margaret magazine in 2012. M&C describes the book's title story:

Kiyori, a simple-looking but very intelligent high school girl, is forced to tutor her schoolmate, the arrogant Yuko. While studying, Yuko becomes bored and tells Kiyori, "Let's do something more exciting than studying." Although he was expecting Kiyori to be flustered, the situation takes a turn to something he didn't predict.

Shueisha published the book in February 2013. Aside from the title story, the book also contains the one-shot manga "The Queen's Melancholy," "Monologue Monochrome," "The Prince's Secret," "When The Devil Comes."

Your Secret collects four short manga stories by Hazuki. M&C! describes the stories:

  • Your Secret: A girl rides a train to chase a boy that catches her attention. Where will the train take them?
  • The King and I: If she wants to stay in school, a girl has to be the servant of the school chairman's son, who she hates.
  • Christmas For You: Today is supposed to be the day a guy goes out with his girlfriend on a special date, but things take a turn for the unusual.
  • Under this Sky: An alien must find the most delicious thing in the universe.

Shueisha published the book in July 2012.

Shirayuki published the Magical Fromage manga as a one-shot in Shogakukan's Ciao magazine in 2014. M&C! describes the manga:

Welcome to the online shop Magical Fromage! Mage, Clair, Cameron, and Marble are ready to serve you! We sell a variety of magic tools that can make you dreams come true!

Shogakukan published the manga's one volume in December 2014.

M&C! previously published Shirayuki's Seven Day Princess (Royal Seven Days) and her and Takeuchi Masami's Haru and the Magic Key (Haru to Mahō no Kagi) manga in 2014. Shirayuki is also currently serializing her Aikatsu! and Kosu Sen manga, but put both on hiatus in February 2015 due to her poor physical health.

My World Your Reality collects four one-shot manga that Hatta published in Shueisha's Margaret magazine in 2008. M&C! describes the manga's title story:

Yoshii confessed to Hagiwara three months ago, but instead of being honest with him, Hagiwara still reacts very coolly to him, and cuts him off curtly when he talks to her. But summer vacation is coming up, and if he can't get a straight answer from Hagiwara, they won't see each other for a whole month!

Shueisha published the book in November 2008.

Hatta ended her Wolf Girl & Black Prince manga on May 13. The manga inspired a television anime in 2014, as well as a live-action film, which opened in Japan on May 28.

M&C! describes Nanao's My Shikigami Lover manga series:

Aku Takahito is a shikigami spirit who serves exorcist Haruka Abe, although Abe isn't much of a committed warrior. Every time she gets a mission to protect someone, she only reluctantly accepts, and easily gets bored. However, she's handed a mission one day to protect someone, and she finally finds someone she's willing to protect out of her own good will: a man named Chikage Shidou, the prince with the umbrella!

Nanao launched the manga in Shogakukan's Cheese! magazine in August 2013. Shogakukan published the manga's fourth volume in June 2015.

Update: Corrected Japanese title and publishing history for My Shikigami Lover.

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