M&C! Licenses QQ Sweeper, In the Chocolate Manga

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Loving You Until the End, Falling for Taro-kun also licensed, all slated for September 14

Indonesian publisher M&C! announced last Saturday that it has licensed Kyousuke Motomi's QQ Sweeper, Chiyori's Loving You Until the End (Shinomiya-kun no Sekai ga Owatte mo), Shō Ichikawa's Falling for Taro-kun (Tarō-kun wa Kō Miete Igai to xxx Desu), Kenta Mizuhara's Spring Romance (Saku Love), and Mayu Murata's In the Chocolate. M&C! will release the first volume of QQ Sweeper, as well as the rest of the titles, on September 14.

QQ Sweeper centers on Kyutaro Horikita and Fumi Nishioka, two students of Kurokado High. Kyutaro meets Fumi while Fumi is asleep. Fumi discovers that Kyutaro is a "sweeper," a person with the ability to "clean up" bugs that damage the human spirit, while Fumi herself can see the spiritual dust that attracts the bugs themselves. As both work together, they both discover more about each other.

Motomi launched the manga in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in March 2014, and ended it in May 2015. Shogakukan published the manga's third and final compiled book volume in July 2015.

Motomi launched a sequel manga titled Queens Quality in Betsucomi in July 2015, and Shogakukan published the manga's first compiled book volume on January 26.

M&C! also publishes Motomi's Beast Lover (Beast Master), Electric Daisy (Dengeki Daisy), and Love Arrow (Purikyū) manga.

Loving You Until the End collects three short manga stories that Chiyori published in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in 2014 and 2015. The title story centers on Yukino. When asked by her friends what she wants, Yukino replies that she wants to be with the person she likes. Though derided for her innocent answer, her classmate Shinomiya overhears her and agrees with her sentiments. The exchange makes them talk to each other more, and Yukino gets to know more about Shinomiya, such as his love of soccer, his little brothers, and his love of his dog. But while they grow closer and closer, Shinomiya still withholds a secret from Yukino.

Apart from the title story, the book also contains the manga "Play With the Night," and "Waiting to Bloom Alyssum." Shogakukan published the book last October.

M&C! also published Chiyori's Love on the Run in January 2014, and the Bride of the Fox (Kitsune no Yomeiri) manga on January 6.

Falling for Taro-kun centers on Nohana, a resident of Tsukigaoka Heights, an apartment complex where everyone is is friendly. Nohana herself is treated as the big sister by all the children in the apartment, and is beloved for it. However, one day, a scary-looking man named Tarō-kun moves in, and instantly becomes the center of all gossip. But Tarō-kun's appearance is quite the opposite of his personality.

Ichikawa published the manga in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi Zōkan magazine last year, with a sequel story titled Yappari Tarō-kun wa Kō Miete Igai to xxx Desu later that year. Shogakukan published the manga's one compiled book volume in March 2015.

M&C! also publishes Ichikawa's Color of Sky, Color of Love (Sorairo, Koiiro), I Love Dog and You (Inujikan), First Love Promise (Hatsukoi no Itazura), Captured by Love (Koakuma Lion), The Baby and You (Papa to Mama Hajimemashita), High School Bride (Jōshi Kōsei de, Hanayome de), and May I Say I Love You? (Kaichō, Sukitte Itte mo Ii Desu ka?) manga.

Spring Romance centers on Mutsuki Ariake, who falls in love with a certain girl from a girl's college. The challenge for him is beating the other guys who appear to declare their love for the same girl. His rivals include Kei Kisaragi, a flirty romantic; Yugo Tachibana, a student council president and popular with the ladies; Aoi Narukami, a narcissist; and Toma Uzuki, a stalker and member of the archery club.

Mizuhara published the manga in Ichijinsha's Zero-Sum Online manga website in 2011. Ichijinsha published the manga's compiled book volume in December 2011.

In the Chocolate collects four short one-shot manga that Murata published in Shueisha's Ribon magazine in 2011. The title story centers on Rei, a girl with no friends, who studies every night until the late hours, and never smiles. Her only rest comes from her nightly trips to buy chocolate to satisfy her craving, which she keeps a secret from her mother. In one of these nightly excursions, she meets a boy from her school who she has never seen before, and for the first time in her life, Rei feels something different and exciting.

Aside from the title story, the book also contains the one-shot manga "Heisei Akazukin," "Blue Sky Heaven," and "Dream Tour - Pop Up Book." Shueisha published the book in February 2011.

Murata is best known for her Nagareboshi Lens manga, which ended in 2014. It inspired an OAV in 2012.

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