Battery Anime Passes Baton to The Great Passage in Ad

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The Great Passage will premiere in Battery's previous noitamina timeslot on October 13

The official YouTube channel of Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block began streaming a video on Monday that features both the Battery and The Great Passage anime. The video is labelled as a "baton passing" video, which begins with scenes from the Battery anime before zooming out to reveal that it is a television program, with a scene from The Great Passage.

In the video, one of the characters from Battery uses the word "Nobiru" (to extend/to lengthen) on the television screen, and Mitsuya hears the word and discusses the various meanings of the word out loud to himself. The elderly woman eating with him then uses another meaning of the word to tell him his noodles are going stale.

The end of the video also gives a short preview of the collaboration between the anime and Sanrio. The mascot characters will get their own animation segment, "Oshiete! Jishotanzu," where they will provide commentary about each episode and provide extensive knowledge about dictionaries.

Both the Battery and The Great Passage anime are Noitamina shows. Battery aired its 11th and final episode last Thursday, September 22, while The Great Passage will premiere in the same timeslot on October 13.

The series follows the employees at the Genbu Shobō publishing company. Araki, who is a veteran editor for the dictionary department, is looking for a successor now that he's approaching retirement age. After Majime Mitsuya — a salesman who's a poor talker — meets Masashi Nishioka — Araki's coworker who is sociable and frivolous — Araki overhears their conversation and decides to recruit Majime into the department. The story follows "the awkward humans" Majime and Masashi as they work together to compile a medium-sized Japanese dictionary titled "The Great Passage" (Daitokai).

Miura's novel originally shipped in 2011, and it inspired an award-winning live-action film directed by Yuya Ishii that opened in Japan in 2013. The film won the Japan Academy Prize for Picture of the Year in 2013.

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