Kiitarō Shōnen no Yōkai Enikki Anime's Promo Video Features Suzu

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Supernatural series of 5-minute shorts premieres on October 5

The staff for =the television anime of Riichi Kageyama's Kiitarō Shōnen no Yōkai Enikki (Young Kiitarō's Yōkai Visual Diary) manga posted a promotional video for the anime on Wednesday. The video features narration by the character Suzu (Arisa Nakata).

The anime will premiere on October 5 at 10:33 p.m. on Tokyo MX, and will then premiere on October 6 at 12:03 a.m. on Sun TV. The anime will run for five minutes per episode.

The show will star:

Hiromi Igarashi as Kiitarō, the protagonist

Arisa Nakata as Suzu (Zashiki-warashi, a protective household spirit)

Eri Kitamura as Kitsune-men no Onna (Yōko, a fox spirit)

Maria Naganawa as Yuki Musume (Yukinko, a winter spirit)

Sayaka Ohara as Yuki Haha (Yuki Onna, a snow spirit)

Hisayoshi Hirasawa (Ojisan to Marshmallow, OZMAFIA!!) is directing the series at Creators in Pack. WORDS in STEREO is credited with the scenario. Noriyuki Imaoka (Yozakura Quartet ~Tsuki ni Naku~, Yowamushi Pedal, Gatchaman Crowds insight animation director) is designing the characters.

The anime will run for 12 episodes, but its Blu-ray Disc and DVD release in Japan is listed with a bonus 13th episode. The bonus episode is listed as having an original story. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc are slated to ship on January 27.

Kageyama launched the manga in 2008, and the series is available on the "Manga Goccha" website. Micro Magazine published the manga's seventh compiled volume in print in January 2015. The manga's eighth volume is slated for Friday, September 30.

The horror comedy "that's not scary at all" revolves around Kiitarō, a boy with a strong sixth sense who is always surrounded by demons. He gets talked to by Yuki Onna (snow women), gets his bath licked by Akaname (licking demons), and lives with the Zashikiwarashi Suzu, whom he just can't come to dislike.

Source: MoCa News

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