Hetalia's Hidekaz Himaruya Launches New Manga About Movies

posted on by Alex Mateo
Himaruya gives own perspective on movies through manga

This week's issue of Gentosha's Denshi-Birz magazine is launching Hidekaz Himaruya's (Hetalia) new manga about movies on Friday. Himaruya's new manga, Be, Betsu ni Kou iu Eiga ga Suki na Wake Janain Da Kara Ne! Daisuki Dakedo Koe o Dai ni Shite wa Osusume Shinai Osusume Eiga (I-It's Not Like I Particularly Like This Kind of Movie!: Movie Recommendations for Movies That I Love But Won't Recommend In a Loud Voice), gives his own point of view on movies he likes.

Himaruya's Hetalia manga takes the archetypal characteristics of countries and regions throughout the world, and anthropomorphizes them as (mostly) bishōnen characters. Right Stuf has been releasing the manga in North America in collaboration with its former English-language publisher, Tokyopop, and its Japanese publisher Gentosha Comics. Funimation streamed the sixth season of the anime in 2015, Hetalia The World Twinkle and is releasing the series on DVD on November 8.

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