Pokémon Sun & Moon Games' Trailer Reveals More Evolutions, New Trainers

posted on by Karen Ressler
Grimer, Muk's Alola forms also revealed in video

The Pokémon Company International YouTube channel began streaming a trailer introducing new Pokémon and trainers for its upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games on Tuesday.

The trailer also introduces the following new evolved Pokémon.

  • Silvally, a Normal-type that evolves from Type-Null
  • Hakamo-o, a Dragon- and Fighting-type that evolves from Jangmo-o
  • Kommo-o, a Dragon- and Fighting-type that evolves from Hakamo-o
  • Steenee, a Grass-type that evolves from Bounsweet
  • Tsareena, a Grass-type that evolves from Steenee
  • Robombee, a Big- and Fairy-type that evolves from Cutiefly

In addition, the trailer introduces the Alola forms of Grimer and Muk, which are both Dark- and Poison-types.

Finally, the trailer reveals some two new trainers: Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island, and Ilima, a trial captain specializing in normal types.

The games will debut in Japan and North America on November 18, followed by Europe on November 23. The three Starter Pokémon (pictured below) are: the Grass-type Rowlet (Mokuroh in Japan), the Fire-type Litten (Nyabby), and the Water-type Popplio (Ashimari).

The games' new Legendary Pokémon include Solgaleo and Lunala (pictured below):

The games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, and — unlike in the previous generation — Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Players can choose their preferred language when they launch each game. The two versions will be set 12 hours apart.

A demo version will be available on October 18. Players who go through the demo version will receive an Ash-Greninja they can transfer to the main games.

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