So I Can't Play H Voice Actress Arisa Nishiguchi Retires From Acting

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Nishiguchi also voiced characters for Niji-iro Prism Girl, Magica Wars

Voice actress Arisa Nishiguchi announced on her blog on Tuesday that she has left her agency Across Entertainment and retired from acting.

"The truth is, until now I haven't persisted in getting my way," she explained. "I admired the shining world in front of me, how it was overflowing with fun, and said "yes" as much as possible. But I saw my colleagues' passion and repeatedly questioned myself. After several years of thought, this is the conclusion I came to."

Nishiguchi apologized for the sudden announcement, but wondered if there are people who noticed already. She also thanked and apologized to her company president, manager, and everyone in production. After finishing vocational school at 19, she said, she immediately got a job where she didn't know left from right and caused trouble for her manager and the staff. However, she was inspired by looking up to her seniors at work, and she was able to miraculously learn a lot over six years in the industry, for which she is very grateful.

"When I was in elementary school I dreamed of the world of manga and anime," she added. "I feel like that dream will go on forever. It was a world overflowing with energy."

Nishiguchi's anime roles have included Quele Sellier in So, I Can't Play H!, Oage-san in Magica Wars, and Nijika in Niji-iro Prism Girl. She joined the unit Shunkan Realize with fellow voice actresses Rinko Natsuhi and Rei Mochizuki.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan via Otakomu

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