4th Black Butler Musical's Video Shows Sebastian, Ciel, Joker

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Stage musical debuts November 18, ends run on December 18

The official website for Musical Black Butler ~Noah's Ark Circus~, the fourth stage musical of Yana Toboso's Black Butler manga, began streaming a video for the musical on Monday. The video shows Yuta Furukawa, Reo Uchikawa, and Ryosuke Miura in costume as their characters Sebastian, Ciel, and Joker, respectively.

The cast includes:

Yuta Furukawa as Sebastian Michaelis

Reo Uchikawa as Ciel Phantomhive

Ryosuke Miura as Joker

  • Yuki Tamaki as Snake
  • Asami Tano as Beast
  • Ryō Mitsuya as Dagger
  • Teruma as William T. Spears
  • Noboru Washio as Baldroy
  • Takuya Kawaharada as Finnian
  • Shiori Sakata as Mey-Rin
  • Shūhei Izumi as Undertaker
  • Shun Takagi as Fred Abberline
  • Takeshi Terayama as Sharpe Hanks
  • Ginga Shitara as Doll
  • Ayuka Kurachi as Peter
  • Saya Chinen as Wendy
  • Takenori Gotō as Jumbo
  • Shinya Kote as Baron Kelvin
  • Shō Jinnai as Soma Asman Kadar
  • TAKUYA as Agni
  • Nobuo Kyō as Sensei

Tsukito Matsui was originally on board for the role of Doll, but Shitara replaced him in the role earlier this month due to Matsui's voice dropping.

The musical will debut at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo and will run there from November 18 to 27. The musical will then run at Fukuoka's Canal City Theatre on December 3-4, at Amagasaki's Amashin Archaic Hall in Hyogo prefecture on December 9-11, and then at Kariya's Kariya Cultural Center in Aichi prefecture on December 17-18.

The musical will adapt the Circus Arc from the sixth to eighth volumes of the manga, where Ciel and Sebastian's investigation of missing (presumed dead) children lead them to a traveling circus troupe. The Black Butler: Book of Circus television anime adapts the same arc.

The new stage musical will be the fourth musical adaptation of Black Butler. The third musical, which is based on the manga's Jack the Ripper arc, originally ran in Tokyo in September 2014 and in Osaka in October 2014. That musical had additional runs last November and December in Osaka, Miyagi, Tokyo, and Fukuoka, as well as the first overseas performance of the musicals in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen last December.

Sono Shitsuji, Yūkō (That Butler, Friendship), the first Black Butler musical, ran in Tokyo in 2009. The second musical, Musical Kuroshitsuji- The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World- Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami (Musical Black Butler: The Most Beautiful Death in The World – A Thousand Souls and The Fallen Grim Reaper), debuted in 2010 and had a second run in Tokyo in May 2013 and in Osaka in June 2013.

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