Idol Incidents TV Anime's Opening, Ending Themes Revealed

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In-show idol unit Smile♥X performs opening for series premiering in January

The official website for MAGES' Idol Incidents (Idol Jihen) television anime series revealed the opening and ending theme song artists on Friday. Smile♥X, a group formed from different members of each political party in the show, will sing the opening theme "Utae! Ai no Kōyaku" (Sing! Pledge of Love). Voice actresses Sarara Yashima and Mai Fuchigami will sing the ending theme song "Respect" under the unit name "with." The two voice actresses voice characters who are members of the Heroine Party in the show.

The voice actresses and characters that comprise the group Smile♥X are as follows:

  • Sarara Yashima as Natsuki Hoshina
  • Mai Fuchigami as Shizuka Onimaru
  • Reina Ueda as Sachie Kondō
  • Lynn as Mizuki Fudō
  • Yurika Kubo as Sakurako Iizuka
  • Sayaka Nakaya as Ume Momoi
  • Yuri Yoshida as Kuruha Amō
  • Chinatsu Akasaki as Mika Kozuru
  • Nozomi Yamamoto as Ringosama Yami

The opening single will ship in Japan on January 25, and the ending single will ship on February 22. Tsunku♂ is providing the lyrics and composition for each song. Smile♥X also sings the theme song "That's My Poli" to the Idol Incidents smartphone game.

The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji in Japan in January. Other cast members in the series include:

  • Haruka Terui as Sayo Nekohira
  • Saeko Zōgō as Konatsu Shinjō
  • Satomi Akesaka as Lulu Kitani

Daisuke Yoshida (chief animation director for F-Zero Falcon Densetsu, Sōten Kōro) is directing the series at animation studios MAPPA and VOLN. Naoya Takayama (Chihayafuru, Supernatural: The Anime Series) is overseeing the scripts, Sumino Kawashima (Chihayafuru, Kurenai) and Soutarou Hayashi (Photo Kano, Kurenai) are writing the scripts, and Mai Ishii (animation director for Hunter × Hunter, Inazuma Eleven) is serving as character designer and chief animation director. Original character designers include CUTEG, Tiv, Mottsun*, Akemi Mikoto, Yōsai Kūchū, and Mamu Mitsumomo. Tiv created the original animation character designs.

5pb. Games and MAGES had announced the project as a social smartphone game in 2014 with a slated release in fall 2014. The game launched in Japan on October 21.

The game was slated to take place in a Japan where the economy is in tatters and the distrust of politicians is at a record high. An idol named Kagura Mikazuki who has the support of the Japanese people steps in and establishes a new government and gives positions of government administration to idols, which results in a quick recovery for the Japanese economy. More than 20 years later, Kagura is still leading Japan's idol government, but she suddenly decides to retire from the political world. The 47 idols who serve as Diet members must now vie to become the next Prime Minister.

The current website for the franchise features a slightly different premise where idols stand up against a corrupt government as "idol Diet members," and then work to bring back the smiles of the Japanese people through song and dance. The idol Diet members belong to seven different political parties, including the Heroine Party, the SOS Party, the Subculture New Party, the Bishōjo Party, the Wakaba Party, the Starlight Party, and the Sanrai Party.

Coco Natsuki launched a manga version in Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Comic magazine on August 25, and the first chapter is also available on Comic Walker.

Source: MoCa News

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