Chain Chronicle Anime's 1st 7 Minutes Streamed, Petit Anime Tie-In Shorts Revealed

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6 "Petit Chara Animation" shorts will run in theaters, & 12 will run on TV

Sega Games began streaming the first seven minutes from Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari (Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas), the theatrical and television anime adaptation of Sega's Chain Chronicle smartphone game, on Friday. The same footage debuted at Tokyo International Film Festival's "TIFF Ani!" event earlier in November.

The anime's website also announced that the characters of the anime will also star — in super-deformed or chibi form — in "Petit Chara Animation" shorts. The tie-in shorts will run in theaters as well as on television.

Each of the three Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari films will run with a "Chen-Kuro Gakuen" (Chen-Kuro Academy) short (pictured above). ("Chen-Kuro is a diminutive way of shortening Chain Chronicle in Japanese.) Starting on Friday, the T-Joy theater chain will also screen three "Kine-Pass Gekijō" (Kine-Pass Theater) commercials (pictured below) to promote its Kine-Pass ticket sales app.

In addition, each television episode of Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari will air weekly with one of 12 "Chein Kuro-Nikuru" (a wordplay on Chain Chronicle's Japanese pronunciation and the Japanese term for black) shorts (pictured below).

Participating theaters will sell 15 different plastic "Hook-Up Acrylic Collection" keychains of the characters in their "petit" form.

The main Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari anime will be split into three "chapters," and each chapter will be screened in a two-week limited engagement in theaters. The first debuts on December 3, the second on January 14, and the third on February 11.

The 12-episode television anime series will then premiere in January. Each of the three anime films has the same story content as four television episodes.

The cast includes:

Akira Ishida as Yuri

Ayane Sakura as Phina

Maaya Uchida as Pirika

Daiki Yamashita as Aram

Masashi Kudo (Kyō no Asuka Show, Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties, Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch) is directing the anime at Telecom Animation Film and Graphinica. Touko Machida (Allison & Lillia, The [email protected], Chaika the Coffin Princess) is supervising the scripts. Masashi Kudo (Bleach, MAOYU, Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties) is designing the characters, and Daisuke Jinba (Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You, anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day) is in charge of art direction. Masato Kōda (Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova, Maria the Virgin Witch, KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!!) is composing the music, and Shōji Hata (Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal, Fairy Tail, One-Punch Man) is in charge of sound direction. Takeo Ogiwara (Princess Tutu, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Penguindrum) is director of photography.

Nao Tōyama is performing the opening theme song "Chain the world" for the theatrical version of the three films. Tōyama's "True Destiny" song will serve as the ending theme song for the anime's television broadcast. Tōyama's single for both songs marks her solo debut as a singer. The single will ship on February 1. Tōyama is also voicing the role of the "legendary songstress" Mujika in the anime.

Nano will perform the film version's ending theme song "PARAISO," and will also perform the television broadcast's opening theme song "My Liberation."

Sega previously streamed a pilot film for the anime last December.

A series of eight five-minute theatrical anime shorts already had limited screenings in five theaters in Japan in September 2014.

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