Gonzo, Koji Morimoto Launch Tentatively Titled '18 Anime' TV Anime Series in 2017

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Morimoto also produces VR video for multimedia project

The staff of the "Art of 18" stage event at Tokyo Comic Con announced on Saturday that director Koji Morimoto (Magnetic Rose, Extra, Beyond) and Gonzo are working on a television anime series tentatively titled 18 Anime that will air on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji in 2017. Morimoto is credited as chief supervisor on the anime.

Morimoto also directed and served as an animation director on Tobira o Akete and Dimension Bomb, worked as an assistant chief animator on Akira, and worked an animation director on Macross Plus.

The Art of 18 is a multimedia franchise that currently includes mobcast's 18: Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle (18: A Puzzle Connecting to You) "mysterious puzzle RPG" smartphone game. The game is already available for Android and iOS devices. GameSamba released the game for iOS devices in English on October 16 with the title 18: Dream World. The game's English website lists an iOS release as "coming soon."

The project also includes game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines, Child of Eden, pictured in third image above) as another principal creator.

Mobcast additionally revealed a five-minute "18 Yume Sekai VR" (18 Dream World VR" 360° video on the 360channel streaming service on Saturday. Those attending Tokyo Comic Con this weekend can view the video with a VR headset. Morimoto produced the VR video in collaboration with mobcast.

Click on below image to watch video.

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