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Megami Meguri 3DS Game's Opening Movie, Tutorial Video Streamed

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Nintendo 3DS games using IC cards shipped on Thursday

The official website for CAPCOM's Megami Meguri (Goddess Tour), the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game that will use IC cards, began streaming the game's anime opening movie and a tutorial video on Wednesday. The opening movie features the game's theme song "Megami Meguri" by Ayasa Itō. The tutorial video shows instructions on how to purchase the game, sync it with an IC card, and purchase downloadable content.

The game shipped in Japan on Thursday.

The game centers on Tsukumo (voiced by Ayasa Itō), a spirit who wishes to become a goddess who shines on people like the sun. Players help Tsukumo grow into a goddess by traveling throughout Japan and developing their relationships with her. Players will be able to "teach" Tsukumo words, which she can then use in conversation with players using the "Megami Speak Engine" voice synthesis program.

Other characters in the game include Amaterasu (Yuka Ozaki), a "goddess among goddesses," who accompanies players on their trip, and the Seven Goddesses, who test Tsukumo in her journey to godhood. The Seven Goddesses are Ame no Uzume (Mirai Sasaki), Soto Orihime (Sae Ootsuka), Kukurihime (Ayaka Imamura), Konohana Sakuyahime (Aina Suzuki), Toyotama Hime (Reina Ueda), Ame no Sagume (Haruka Chisuga), and Ishi Kore Dome (Asuka Ōgame).

LovePlus character designer Tarō Minoboshi designed the characters for the game.

Aside from the standard edition, the game also has a Collector's Package and Complete Edition release. The Collector's Package, which costs 5,800 yen (about US$56), includes special box art by Minoboshi, five DLC clothing sets (seen below), 20 expendable in-game "jewels," a 36-page artbook, a 30-track original soundtrack CD, and a poster. The Complete Edition, which costs 9,800 yen (about US$96) and is available only on the e-CAPCOM online store, contains all the content of the Collector's Package, along with special e-CAPCOM box art, acrylic multi-stands of Tsukumo in her room wear, a Megami Meguri pass case and ticket holder, and a microfiber cloth.

The game uses IC cards, which are used in Japan to pay for public transportation fares. In the game, players tap the IC card on the Nintendo 3DS, which will give players items and allow them to converse with characters. The exact nature of the items and characters varies depending on the data on the card, such as riding history.

The game supports 10 types of IC cards: Kitaca, Suica, Pasmo, Toica, Manaca, Icoca, PiTaPa, Sugoca, Nimoca, and Hayakaken cards. The game portrays over 9,000 real-life stations in Japan, and it is part of a planned project partnering with local railways to revitalize local areas.

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