Ro-Kyu-Bu, Garakowa Manga End in Dengeki G's Comic

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Yūki Takami's Ro-Kyu-Bu! manga began in 2010

Next year's February issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Comic magazine announced on Thursday that Yuuki Takami's Ro-Kyu-Bu! manga and Ochau's Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai (Garakowa -Restore the World-) manga will end in the March issue on January 30. COLOPL and Makoto Sakurai's Battle Girl High School The 4-Koma Idol Girl After School manga will also end in the same issue.

Takami's manga adaptation of Sagu Aoyama's Ro-Kyu-Bu! light novel series began in Dengeki G's Magazine in late 2010, and the series moved to Dengeki G's Comic when the magazine launched in April 2014.

Kadokawa's ComicWalker website and app published the first chapter in English in March 2014 and describes the story:

Hasegawa Subaru, who threw all of his youth into basketball, falls to the very bottom of despair when the basketball club is shutdown. Then one day, by chance, he finds himself teaching basketball to girls in 6th grade. What is Subaru to these girls full of some peculiarity or another..!? A refreshing sports comedy digital book with both laughter and tears!

Kadokawa's Dengeki Bunko imprint published the 15th and final Ro-Kyu-Bu! light novel volume on July 10, 2015. The light novel series also inspired two television anime adaptations.

Ochau began serializing Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai in Dengeki G's Comic magazine on December 29, 2015, and Kadokawa published the first of two volumes soon after on January 9 to coincide with the original film's Japanese release date. Kadokawa has not announced a release date for the second volume.

The manga adapts the original anime film Garakowa -Restore the World-, which is based on Physics Point's D.backup story, the winner of Pony Canyon's 2013 Anime Adaptation Prize. The film's English website describes the story:

A floating space without gravity where an infinite number of lights shine in different colors: The "Box of Wisdom." Inside of this box, there are multiple worlds, multiple timelines, and there used to be many different people. This is where Dual and Dorothy were fighting with enemies called "Viruses." Worlds infected by viruses must be erased. That is the duty, the job of these girls. However, one day, Dual and Dorothy feel the presence of a new Virus. Arriving at the scene, they see a girl being attacked by Viruses. After saving the girl, the duo wait for her to awaken so they can ask who she is, where she came from, and where she is going. Finally, when the girl opened her eyes, she gave her name, Remo, and whispered only one sentence... "I must return to the flower patch..."

Ponycan USA released the film in North America on an imported Blu-ray Disc.

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