Fate/Extra Last Encore TV Anime's 2nd Promo Video Streamed

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Akiyuki Simbo directs Shaft's series premiering "next winter"

The official website for the television anime adaptation of the Fate/Extra game began streaming the series' second promotional video on Saturday. The anime, titled Fate/Extra Last Encore, will premiere "next winter." (Note: The official video on the website is region-locked to Japan.)

The website also revealed a new key visual and more main staff for the anime.

Akiyuki Simbo (March comes in like a lion, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) is directing the anime at the studio Shaft. Yukihiro Miyamoto (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Arakawa Under the Bridge) is serving as series director. Masaaki Takiyama (Tokyo ESP, Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!) is designing the characters based on Aruko Wada's original designs. Type-Moon and Marvelous are credited for the original game and original Fate/stay night creator Kinoko Nasu is handling series composition. Satoru Kousaki (Bakemonogatari, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) is composing the music.

The Fate/stay night franchise began streaming the first trailer for the first film in the three-part Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel anime film project on Saturday.

The February 2017 issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Newtype magazine, which ships in Japan on January 10, will include a feature on the Fate franchise's upcoming works for 2017. The feature will publish information about the Fate/Grand Order: First Order- television special, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel films, Fate/Extra Last Encore television anime, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. The issue will also include original illustrations by the original Fate/stay night visual novel's character designer Takashi Takeuchi.

Marvelous Entertainment and Type-Moon released the Fate/Extra PlayStation Portable game in Japan in 2010. Aksys Games released the game in North America in November 2011. The Fate/Extra CCC companion game shipped in Japan on the PSP in March 2013.

Thanks to Dennis R. for the embedded video.

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