Valkyria Revolution Game's New Character Trailer Highlights Amleth

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Daisuke Ono voices protagonist in RPG shipping in Japan on January 19

Sega began streaming a new trailer on Friday for the Valkyria Revolution (Valkyria: Azure Revolution in Japan) PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita role-playing game. The video introduces the game's protagonist Amleth, played by Daisuke Ono. Amleth is an "avenger" who leads the game's group of five great criminals, and is a commanding officer of the Jutland Kingdom's Anti-Valkyria Unit.

Sega will ship Valkyria Revolution in the Americas and Europe in 2017. The PS4 version will be available as physical and digital copies, but the PS Vita version will only be available digitally.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will ship for both consoles in Japan on January 19. The Japanese downloadable and package editions of the PS4 version will retail for 7,990 yen (about US$68), and the downloadable and package editions of the PS Vita version will retail for 6,990 yen (US$59). First editions of the game will come with a product code for an additional prequel story titled "The formation of Vanargand" that will be fully voiced. Certain retailers in Japan are also offering additional bonuses such as pin badge, a B2-size tapestry, and a product code for bonus items, among others.

The game's website describes the story:

From the plentiful Ragnite came the "magical art," and it brought the people many blessings. From the people, there were a select few who saw Ragnite's industrial potential, and started heavy magical industries to exploit it, and make it available to everyone. So began the "Azure Revolution," a great industrial revolution that changed the world.

The Azure Revolution transformed industry and society itself, with the Ragnite resource marking a turning point in history, and changing the face of warfare as well. The age of monarchy had begun.

In 1853, a hundred years after the beginning of the Azure Revolution, the small southern European nation of Jutland launched an assault against a base of the Rus Empire, one of the world's great powers. In accordance to its principles, the Rus Empire retaliated with an economic blockade and embargo, and in time Jutland was impoverished. Jutland proclaimed "independence and liberation from the colonialism of the great powers" and declared war on the Rus Empire, who employed a Valkyria in its ranks.

The young men and women who participated in what would later be called the "Miraculous War of Liberation" will be judged to be the greatest criminals in history. This is a war of liberation that hides a motive of personal revenge.

The game stars:

Daisuke Ono as Amleth Glenkaer, the game's protagonist.

Saori Hayami as Ophelia A. Jutland, the game's heroine, and the princess of the Jutland Kingdom able to use magic arts through song.

Maaya Sakamoto as Brunhild, a Valkyria called "The Reaper" who serves the Empire under the terms of the "Ring" contract.

Other cast members include:

The game's graphics engine will use the "GOUACHE" shader to portray fine details and color in the game's graphics to make the game resemble a painting. The previous Valkyria Chronicles games used the "CANVAS" engine to achieve a similarly unique "pencil-drawing" effect. The game will also feature a new "LeGION" combat system that will resemble traditional RPGs, but will also portray battles by massive armies.

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