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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PS4 Remaster Ships in July

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Also: Final Fantasy XV update, Final Fantasy VII collaborations launch this month

Square Enix announced at the "Final Fantasy Seitan 30 Shūnen Opening Ceremony" event on Tuesday that the Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PlayStation 4 game will ship in North America and Europe on July 11 and in Japan and Asia on July 13. The event marked the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise and the 20th anniversary since Square released the Final Fantasy VII game.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the high-definition PlayStation 4 remaster of the international version of Final Fantasy XII. The game will feature HD upgrades for the backgrounds, character models, and font, as well as movie scenes. The game will also feature both English and Japanese audio tracks, will have 7.1ch surround sound, and will feature the original soundtrack and a re-recorded soundtrack. Players can switch between the two soundtracks in the game's settings. Additionally, the new game will shorten loading times, add an auto-save function, and improve the high-speed mode.

The Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System game used a new job system that featured 12 License Boards (instead of one in the original game) representing 12 different jobs. The game also featured a new trial mode, and a new game plus feature, among other upgrades and changes.

Square Enix released Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2 in 2006 in Japan and North America, and in 2007 in Europe. The Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System version of the game shipped in Japan only in 2007.

An free update for the Final Fantasy XV game will launch on February 21. The update's Booster Pack will include a special suit that makes the user invincible for 30 minutes. The suit will also boost fishing and other skills, and players will not be able to use the suit for 24 hours after a 30-minute use. In addition, Episode: Gladiolus will feature the perspective of Gladio and launch on March 28, followed by Episode: Prompt in June.

As of January 10, the Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. The game sold more than 5 million copies on its first day when it went on sale worldwide on November 29. This is the fastest record for Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise.

The event also announced that this year's Sapporo Snow Festival will feature a giant Final Fantasy VII snow sculpture in Sapporo, Hokkaido from February 6 to February 12. The sculpture will stand 11 meters tall (about 36 feet) and 20 meters (about 66 feet) wide. In honor of the snow sculpture, the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake game for PlayStation 4 is collaborating with the Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia smartphone games. In-game events will launch at the beginning of February and feature characters from the Final Fantasy VII remake such as Cloud and Sephiroth.

As part of the collaboration, Cloud will appear in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius with a new event beginning on February 6. The event will also include in-game items and lotteries through a Twitter campaign.

The Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis and Final Fantasy VI character Kefka will appear in the Itadaki Street (Fortune Street) game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is slated to launch this year, and Square Enix began streaming a Noctis gameplay video on Tuesday.

The "Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu" concert world tour will debut in Australia in July and run in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Square Enix Members can vote until February 28 for one song that will feature in the concert series. The Siena Wind Orchestra's "Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo 2017" concert tour will also run in Japan in April and May.

Source: 4Gamer (link 2, link 3) via Hachima Kikō (link 2)

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