Mōryō no Hako Artist Launches Tesso no Ori Manga

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Aki Shimizu draws manga adaptation of another novel by Natsuhiko Kyogoku

This year's March issue of Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Edge announced on Friday that Aki Shimizu will launch a new manga based on Natsuhiko Kyogoku's Tesso no Ori (Iron Cage of the Mouse) novel in the April issue on March 17. The manga (pictured left in image to the right) will have a 53-page first chapter with some color pages. The April issue will also launch a manga adaptation of Keeichi Sigsawa's Kino's Journey novels.

Kyogoku published the novel in 1996 as the fourth novel in his Hyakki Yagyū (Many Monsters) series. The story follows antique store worker Imagawa, aging doctor Kuonji, and writer Sekiguchi, who are all fascinated by mysterious events happening in Hakone, including a series of murders of Buddhist monks and a little girl in a kimono who wanders through the mountains.

Shimizu previously adapted Kyogoku's Mōryō no Hako, Kyōkotsu no Yume, Ubume no Natsu, and Jorōgumo no Kotowari novels from the same series into manga. Mōryō no Hako, the second novel, inspired a television anime with character designs by CLAMP in 2008, and an original video anime the following year.

Image via Keiichi Sigsawa's Twitter

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