Yume-100 Anime Shorts' Teaser Video Reveals March Debut

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1st of 10 streaming episodes is set in Country of Black Tea

A website launched for the series of anime shorts inspired by GCREST's Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ōji-sama (The Kingdom of Dreams and the 100 Sleeping Princes or "Yume-100" for short) smartphone puzzle role-playing game on Friday. The website began streaming a teaser video for the shorts that reveals the series will debut at the end of March.

One new episode will stream online each month for a total of 10 episodes. Episodes will stream on the shorts' official website, in the official app and on its website, and on the Abema TV streaming service.

The first episode is titled "Kōcha no Kaori wa Jiyū no Kaori" (The Smell of Black Tea Is the Smell of Freedom), and it is set in the Country of Black Tea. The country is known for having the best tea in the world, and the country's serene atmosphere lets citizens enjoy teatime and tea parties. The princes Edmond (Ryota Ohsaka), Haldine (Kaito Ishikawa), Joshua (Showtaro Morikubo), and Peco (Yu Kobayashi) appear in the episode.

The Summer Festival 2016 event for the smartphone game announced the series of anime shorts and a television anime adaptation in August. The full television anime series is slated to debut in 2018.

The game, which launched on Android and iOS devices in 2015, is aimed at women with the theme of romance with a prince "that every woman dreams of." The game lets players experience love with 100 princes who live in the Kingdom of Dreams. Players solve puzzles to wake up the princes from their deep slumber. The cast of the princes include — with their characters from left to right above — Shota Chonan (Luke), Takeaki Masuyama (Medi), Kenichi Suzumura (Avi), Showtaro Morikubo (Byakuyō), Ayumu Murase (Hinata), Mamoru Miyano (Kairi), Sōichirō Hoshi (Shigure), and Daiki Yamashita.

The franchise held a "Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ōji-sama Christmas Party" event in two sessions on December 24 at the Kanagawa Prefectural Civic Hall. The Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ōji-sama Oto-100 ~Vol. 1 Hōseki no Kuni (Country of Jewels) CD went on sale on November 2 with a character song, character mini-drama, and original background music. This first volume stars Lid (Kenji Akabane), Tiga (Daisuke Kishio), and Sai (Shouta Aoi).

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