Saku Sakamoto's Aragne no Mushikago Anime Film Opens in 2018

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Horror film is written, directed, animated, scored by one person

Saku Sakamoto's Aragne no Mushikago (Aragne's Insect Cage) horror anime film is slated to premiere in 2018. Sakamoto is producing the anime by himself, and it was originally slated for completion in fall 2017. The anime is now slated to open in theaters in Japan in 2018.

Zelico Film began streaming a teaser video on February 18 and a trailer on February 5. The studio also streamed another promotional video in December.

Sakamoto is directing the film based on his original concept and script. He is also producing the animation and music for the film. Few anime productions of more than 60 minutes have been produced by one person in the past. Film director and author Osamu Fukutani is supervising production.

The staff are partially funding the film via the crowdfunding platform Makuake. The project seeks to raise 2 million yen (about US$17,800) over the next 30 days. Rewards include merchandise, a DVD detailing the production process, a signed Blu-ray Disc, signed original art, monster figure, clothing based on those worn by the characters in the film, and the ability to "appear" in the film as an animated character or spirit.

The film's story is set in a huge apartment building that is known as a place where spirits dwell. An 18-year-old female college student named Rin moves and happens to visit the building. Rin finds herself involved with strange events as she uncovers the truth of the building.

The cast includes Ayana Shiramoto as the mysterious girl Nasuha, Yousuke Itou as folklore researcher Tokiyo, Fukujurō Katayama as the shaman Saion, and Shōgo Batori as Mikaya, a young man with secrets. The lead female character Rin has not yet been cast.

Sakamoto began working as a freelance anime creator in 2002. He directed NHK's Minna no Uta. He also worked on 3D computer graphics for Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and created a tourism anime short for Matsuyama City in 2014.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Katsunori Takahashi)

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