Summon Night 6 Game's May 23 Release Date, English Dub Cast Revealed

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PS4/PS Vita game casts Micah Duclos, Kathy Emma

Video game publisher Gaijinworks announced on Wednesday that its English release of the Summon Night 6: Lost Borders PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game is slated for May 23 in North America. The game will have three different packaging options in addition to the "Wonderful Edition" box set that was available for early preorders. The initial print run will include a voucher that can be mailed in for a soundtrack CD. Gaijinworks will also release the game digitally in North America, South America, and Europe.

Gaijinworks also announced the English dub cast:

  • Micah Duclos as Raj
  • Kathy Emma as Amu
  • Patrick Seitz as Melgitos
  • Bryce Papenbrook as Kanon
  • Mela Lee as Kunon
  • Xander Mobus as Ishlar
  • Rhonda Gibson as Amer
  • Kira Buckland as Milreaf
  • Grant George as Rexx
  • Melissa Gulden as Aty
  • Erica Mendez as Toris
  • Kyle McCarley as Kir / Seilong
  • Zach Aguilar as Ray
  • Chad Letts as Banossa
  • Kaiji Tang as Atosh
  • Lucien Dodge as Ioth
  • Erik Scott Kimerer as Folth
  • Christine Marie Cabanos as Natsumi
  • Blake Dorsey as Luvaid
  • Griffin Burns as Touya
  • Brianna Knickerbocker as Enysha
  • Jackie Powers as Fair
  • Xanthe Huynh as Aya
  • Tammy Jones as Lisher
  • Craig Padilla as Bulrell
  • Ned Schuft as Nesty
  • John Haas as Kyle
  • Forrest Spade as Magna
  • Breanna Lensing as Arca
  • Stacia Jacobs as Azlier
  • Taylor Grace as Claret
  • Austin Lee Matthews as Erst
  • Ben Wogan as Gian
  • Bobby Thong as Hayato
  • Courtney Blanc as Luchell
  • Vesper Lynd as Radylia
  • Mickenzie Fisher as Ruelly
  • Blake Fisher as Scarrel
  • Sophia Komarek as Sonolar

The game shipped for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan in March 2016 as a celebration of the game series' 15th anniversary.

Gaijinworks describes the story:

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders weaves an emotional tale of friendship and discovery that begins in the sparsely populated “cocoon world” of Fillujah, where the three main characters (Raj, Amu and Ist) live in virtual isolation. Each has a single companion, a flying sidekick with an amazing special power, and they are all surprised when dozens of strangers begin to suddenly appear—literally falling out of the clear, blue sky. Lost Borders can be played and enjoyed without any knowledge of the previous games in the series, but fans will recognize that the mysterious strangers are actually returning characters from all of the mainline Summon Night games.

Bandai Namco Games released Summon Night 5 on the PlayStation Portable in 2013 in Japan. Gaijinworks released the game in English in December 2015 for the PSP and PS Vita.

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