Elex Media Licenses Cosmic Lense, Tōhyō Game Manga

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Publisher will also release The World God Only Knows: On the Train + Pilot Films book

Indonesian publisher Elex Media Komputindo announced on Thursday that it has licensed Aoi Sakurada's Cosmic Lens, and G.O., Chihiro, and Tatsuhiko's Tōhyō Game - Anata ni Kuroki Ippyō o (Tohyo Game - One black ballot to you) manga.

The company will also release The World God Only Knows: On the Train + Pilot Films book. Elex Media Komputindo will begin releasing all three manga on April 5.

Cosmic Lens centers on Fumi, a shut-in girl, and Date, a boy who moves into the apartment next to Fumi. Date has a bright personality, and begins to hang out with Fumi, and slowly, Fumi's personality begins to change.

Sakurada published the manga in Shueisha's Margaret magazine in 2014. Shueisha published one compiled book volume for the manga.

Tōhyō Game centers on a second-year classroom in high school where student Kazuto Satō attempts to bring his class closer together by starting an online weekly poll that narrows down the most popular boy and girl in the classroom every week until only one boy and girl remain. What started innocently becomes deadly when on the first week, having received no votes, the first girl to "lose" hangs herself. A survival game begins where the participants attempt to figure out the rules while trying their best not to be voted out and die.

G.O., Chihiro, and Tatsuhiko launched the manga in Square Enix's Big Gangan magazine in 2014, and ended it in 2015. Square Enix published three compiled book volumes for the series.

The World God Only Knows: On the Train + Pilot Films collects Tamiki Wakaki's "On the Train" spinoff manga for his The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai) manga, as well as three one-shot pilot manga.

Wakiki published the "On the Train" manga on Shogakukan's Club Sunday website from September to November 2014. The spinoffs are stories of one-page length set on a train and a different station.

The other shorts in the book include Wakaki's pilot short for The World God Only Knows titled "Koishite?! Kamisama!!," which appeared in Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday magazine in 2007. The book also includes "Hiseki no Kaitō Albatross," which appeared in Shonen Sunday in 2004, and inspired Wakaki's Seikesshou Albatross manga. The third short is "Yōgashiten Galaxy," a one-shot manga that appeared in Shonen Sunday in August 2014.

Wakaki's The World God Only Knows romantic comedy series ended in 2014. The series launched in 2008. The manga inspired three anime series, and also inspired several sequel and spin-off OVAs. Animax Asia aired all three series in Southeast Asia. Elex Media publishes the manga in Indonesia.

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