MangaGamer to Release minori's Trinoline, ADELTA's Hashihime of the Old Book Town Visual Novels

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Company also announces illustrators Itaru Hinoue, Ran Yamakaze as guests at Anime Expo

Video game localization and publishing company MangaGamer announced at its panel at Anime Boston on Friday that it will release minori's new game project Trinoline ~LL Move~, as well as ADELTA's Hashihime of the Old Book Town boys-love game.

The company also revealed that it will host character designer and illustrator Itaru Hinoue (Rewrite, Little Busters!, Clannad) and MOONSTONE lead concept artist, graphic designer, and illustrator Ran Yamakaze (Princess Evangile, Magical Marriage Lunatics!!) at this year's Anime Expo event.

MangaGamer is streaming a promotional video for Trinoline.

MangaGamer and minori producer and director Nobukazu Sakai (also known as nbkz) had revealed the game during a panel at Anime Expo in July. Sakai had said during the Anime Expo panel that he wanted to release the game worldwide. The game will arrive in Japan on March 31, and MangaGamer plans to release the game in English this year, with an all-ages version available on Steam, and an adult version available on MangaGamer's website.

The game's story follows Shun Nanami, who's sister drowned when he was a child. After time passes, he suddenly meets an android who looks exactly like his sister.

minori developed such visual novels as Wind: A Breath of Heart, Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two., eden*, and Haru no Ashioto. MangaGamer released eden* in North America on PC via Steam in January 2015, and has also released ef - the first tale. and ef - the latter tale. MangaGamer released the first chapter of minori's Supipara - Alice the magical conductor game in July.

MangaGamer will release Hashihime of the Old Book Town in an all-ages version on Steam and in an adult version on its website. The game takes place in Tokyo in 1922. A young man named Tamamori goes to Tokyo with hopes of getting into the Imperial University, but he doesn't pass the entrance exam. He also gets kicked out of his boarding house after two years, and then begins to live and work at a used book store named Umebachidou. Suddenly, his friends one after another die mysteriously, and he finds himself reliving the same three days over and over again.

MangaGamer is streaming the opening video for the game.

MangaGamer also revealed that it will release Ammolite's Sweet Young Bride ~ Our Married Life Begins ~ adult game in April.

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