Second Persona 3 Film Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Also latest Fairy Tail volume, new Blu-rays of Pokémon films and Gankutsuou

On Monday April 3, Anime Limited will release Persona 3 the Movie #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream as a Blu-ray/DVD combi pack.

In the second of the four Persona 3 films, the hero Makoto finds himself learning more about those comrades and getting closer to them. He meets new friends, including Aegis, an anti-Shadow android, Ken, a grade-schooler who seeks to get revenge for his late mother, and Koromaru, a dog who can use a Persona. However, little by little, the pieces and people in Makoto's new, happy life begin to fall apart...

Funimation is releasing Fairy Tail Collection 13, carrying parts 143 to 153 of the series.

Manga Entertainment is releasing a Blu-ray edition of the first three Pokemon films, carrying Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon 2000 - The Movie and Pokemon 3 - The Movie.

Anime Limited is releasing a standard Blu-ray edition of Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo.

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