Sinbad Children's Film Trilogy Available on Amazon UK

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Trilogy made by Nippon Animation

UK Anime Network reports that Amazon Video UK is streaming the three films in Nippon Animation's recent Sinbad anime film trilogy.

Each film has a runtime of around 50 minutes, and all the films are available for Amazon Prime members only.

Amazon describes A Flying Princess and a Secret Island, subtitled here and dubbed here:

An anime trilogy based on the literary classic 'The Arabian Nights.” A hardworking and curious boy named SINBAD dreams of becoming a sailor and traveling around the world. One day, he encounters a mysterious girl on a flying wooden horse and a group of men who chases her by flying carpets. Flying carpet, iron ship, attacking giant birds, and the secret island… Many hardships remain ahead of him!

The film opened in Japan in July 2015.

Amazon describes The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands, subtitled here and dubbed here:

Sinbad and the crews of the Bahr go out in search for the comrades of Sana, the princess of a legendary sorcerer clan. While repairing a damaged ship after a heavy storm, Sana feels the presence of the Magic Lamp. On the nearby island, they search for the lamp, but the hand of a demon intent on Sana draws close. What is the Magic Lamp? Where are Sana's comrades? The adventure continues!

The film opened in Japan in January 2016.

Amazon describes Night at High Noon and the Wonder Gate, subtitled here and dubbed here::

The search for Sana's comrades continues. Sara who opens up her heart to Sinbad reveals her horrible story of how her father's apprentice Galip destroyed the peaceful kingdom and her family by using the wizardly power. Suddenly the Magic Lamp shows the passage “to the Wonder Gate to the land of ancestors that appears in the Night at High Noon,” but Galip's solders block their path.

The film opened in Japan in May 2016.

Nippon Animation collaborated with Shirogumi to plan and produce the project as Nippon Animation's 40th anniversary work. Shinpei Miyashita (Doraemon: Nobita No Kyoryu assistant director) directed the trilogy. Yoshiharu Satō (My Neighbor Totoro, Only Yesterday) was the character designer and animation director, and Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Ronja the Robber's Daughter) was in charge of the scripts. Kaeko Hayafune wrote the actual scripts. Aeon Entertainment distributed the films in Japan. whiteeeen performed the theme song "Pocket" for all three films.

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