Exile Election PS4/Vita Game's 2nd Promo Video Streamed

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NIS's adventure game ships in Japan on April 27

The official website for Nippon Ichi Software's Tsuihō Senkyo (Exile Election) adventure game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita began streaming the second promotional video on Friday. In the video, Alice introduces the three rules of the "Exile Election" death game.

The website began streaming the first promotional video in February and "exile image movie" in March.

The physical PlayStation 4 version of the game will cost 7,538 yen (about US$69), and the download version will cost 6,171 yen (US$57). The physical PlayStation Vita version will cost 6,458 yen (US$59), and the download version will cost 5,142 yen (US$47).

The game is set in an amusement park called "Aliceland," where 12 people are trapped and forced to participate in the "Exile Election" death game run by a mysterious doll called Alice. The game's protagonist Kaname Ichijō seeks to find and exact revenge against the nine people who voted to "exile" and kill his sister in the first election.

The game features the following characters:

  • Kaname Ichijō, voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya
  • Misa Ichijō, voiced by Marika Kōno
  • Ichika Hōshi, voiced by Yurika Endō
  • Nōri, voiced by Akira Saitō
  • Miori Himeno, voiced by Nao Shiraki
  • Yūri Himeno, voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Michimune Isurugi, voiced by Yūki Inoue
  • Hakushū Isumi, voiced by Shun'ichi Toki
  • Asie Tadenomiya, voiced by Risae Matsuda
  • Kashe Tadenomia, voiced by Satsumi Matsuda
  • Iduki Ayara, voiced by Taku Yashiro
  • Shihori Yurizono, voiced by Ayaka Imamura
  • Issei Ninjōji, voiced by Kengo Kawanishi
  • Alice, voiced by Hiromi Igarashi

Yurika Endō (Ace of Diamond's Haruno, Sakura Trick's Rina) is performing the game's opening theme song "Melody and Flower."

Nippon Ichi Software announced the game in January after opening a teaser site that featured disappearing character silhouettes. After the game's announcement, the company opened another teaser site that spelled out the word "revenge" over the span of a week.

Source: MoCa News

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