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Cross Infinite World Licenses Akaoni, I Became the Secretary of a Hero! Light Novels

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Yusen Ruten - An Era of Red manga also licensed

North Amerian publisher Cross Infinite World announced on Monday that it has licensed the Akaoni: Contract with a Vampire and I Became the Secretary of a Hero! light novel series, as well as the Yusen Ruten - An Era of Red manga.

Cross Infinite World describes author Hiroro and illustrator mokoppe's Akaoni: Contract with a Vampire light novel series:

Locked in the back of a minivan headed for who knows where, Azusa Saito realizes she has been kidnapped. Just when she thinks there's no hope for escape, she is rescued by a man with glowing red eyes. Or is she? Her supposed rescuer forces her to live in a town of vampires. There she learns the story of her kidnapper, a red-eyed vampire charged with the bothersome role of guarding her from enemy covens and from escaping. He is the dreaded Akaoni, the only vampire all other vampires tremble in fear of. Oddly, he doesn't scare her though.

What will happen between a powerful, ostracized vampire who never drank blood and a girl who is hunted for her blood? Will love blossom between them when enemies abound within and without the coven? Find out in this thrilling shoujo light novel series!

The first e-book volume is slated for July.

Cross Infinite World describes author Tsukasa Yamazaki and illustrator Kiyu Kanae's I Became the Secretary of a Hero! light novel series:

Paralegal Aki Konishi returns to her apartment after work to find a tall, dark, and handsome man claiming her little sister is his bride...before leaping out the window with her in his arms! Aki pursues the kidnapper through a rift he opened in the fabric of reality in a desperate attempt to save her sister.

Along the way, Aki encounters a dashing hero, a manly mage, and a handsome priest who unwittingly drags her into their battle against the Dark Lord, but what can a normal office worker do to help a hero and his team? Become the hero's secretary, of course! Will Aki ever be able to save her sister from the Dark Lord? Find out in this exciting new fantasy light novel with a secretary twist!

The first e-book volume is slated for this year.

Cross Infinite World describes Shino Shirosakura's Yusen Ruten - An Era of Red manga:

Masayoshi is the heir to a once powerful clan that defied the Kamakura Bakufu and paid the greatest price of all—their lives. He is the only one to survive the retaliation of the Bakufu that had dubbed all that oppose them as Akuto. He's taken in by an allied clan and raised to one day lead his people as they struggle to survive where starvation is a constant fear and the threat of the government pounding on their doors is always around the corner.

Saki is the daughter of the clan head who took in Masayoshi and the woman he swore to protect since the day she shined light on his closed-off heart. Together they strive to keep their people fed and alive in a time of great suffering.

Will Masayoshi and Saki be able to stay together in this war-torn world? Experience the final chaotic years marking the downfall of the Kamakura period (1330 A.D.) through the eyes of the people history deemed a nuisance in this historical romance manga!

The first e-book volume is listed as "coming soon."

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