Bingo Tokio, Mimori's Ushiro Manga Moves to Compiled Book Publication

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Series went on hiatus in 2016 due to illustrator's health

The June issue of Shogakukan Creative and Fields' Monthly Hero's magazine revealed on Monday that Bingo Tokio and Mimori's Ushiro manga will not return to magazine publication from its current hiatus. The creators will instead work to release a compiled book volume next spring.

The series went on hiatus in the March 2016 issue due to illustrator Mimori's poor health. Mimori is recovering little by little, so the creators decided to resume work on the manga. But because Mimori has not yet fully recovered, the creators and magazine staff believe that monthly publication may be difficult. The manga's creators, magazine's editorial department, and related people decided to move the series to compiled book volume publication. When a release date is decided, the magazine will publish more information about the compiled book.

Tokio and Mimori launched the series in Monthly Hero's in December 2015. Ushiro, the PSP ghost horror role-playing game that Level-5 announced in 2009 but has yet to release, inspired the series.

Riu Gotō's Ushiro: Fukigen na Shinigami novel series based on the unreleased game also inspired a manga adaptation by Shigure Aoba. Aoba launched the series for free on WebNewtype, the official website of Kadokawa's Monthly Newtype magazine, in May 2015. Kadokawa released a compiled book volume in January 2016.

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