4th Tales of Asteria Game's 2nd Promotional Video Streamed

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Wit Studio animated opening, Nana Mizuki performed theme song for smartphone game

The official website for Bandai Namco Entertainment's Tales of Asteria mobile game began streaming a promotional video on Sunday for the game's upcoming fourth installment, "Tales of Asteria -Tsuioku no Eden-" (Tales of Asteria -The Eden of Reminiscence-). The video features clips from the Wit Studio-animated opening movie and the game's theme song "ACROSS" by Nana Mizuki. The iOS and Android game is slated for this year.

The video also shows the game's new characters. The new cast and characters, some from newer installments in the Tales series, include Velvet (Rina Satou), Raven (Eiji Takemoto), Jude (Tsubasa Yonaga), Kyle (Jun Fukuyama), Mikleo (Ryota Ohsaka), and Colette (Nana Mizuki).

The game series features over 200 characters from the Tales series of games, and features an all-new story from the Namco Tales Studio.

Wit Studio also animated the opening movie for the second and third Tales of Asteria game installments.

The game allows players to explore the world of Asteria, gather allies, and engage in battles. The combat system allows players to connect attacks together to access their Mystic Artes. The game also features cooperative battles, where players can join up with guildmates to fight stronger enemies.

Bandai Namco Entertainment released the first Tales of Asteria game for Japanese smartphones in March 2015, and released the second Tales of Asteria game in winter 2015. The third installment debuted in spring 2016. The gameplay features a "cross swipe battle" system for rearranging characters to match attributes and a "tap action" system where players match timing with the characters' 3D models. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases available.

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