Elex Media Licenses Attack on Titan: Lost Girls, Clave no Kagi, Shishō Series Manga

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All 3 manga slated for July 19

Indonesian publisher Elex Media announced on Thursday that it has licensed Ryōsuke Fuji's Attack on Titan: Lost Girls, Chigo Hitomi's Clave no Kagi (Clave's Key), and Shuu Katayama's Shishō Series manga. Elex Media will begin releasing all three manga on July 19.

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls adapts Hiroshi Seko's novel of the same name. The novel, a spinoff of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga, collects three short stories centered around Mikasa and Annie titled, "Lost in the cruel world," "Wall Sina, Goodbye," and "Lost Girls."

Fuji debuted the manga in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in August 2015, and ended it in May 2016. Kodansha published the original Attack on Titan: Lost Girls novel in Japan in December 2014. Kodansha published the manga's two compiled book volumes in April and August 2016.

Clave no Kagi centers on a locksmith shop which only appears to people who worry about locks. A girl named Anna runs the shop with her cat Clave, and between them there is no lock they can't break. But they have one condition: to be able to peek into the hearts of their client.

Hitomi launched the manga in Shonengahosha's Neko Punch magazine in 2014. Shonengahosha published the manga's second compiled book volume in September 2015.

Katayama's Shishō Series is an adaptation of uni's occult stories. The author began posting the stories on the Japanese image board 2channel (2chan) and on the pixiv image sharing website in 2003. The series has more than 100 stories, and have collected the stories and various fan art on fan sites.

The series is told from the point of view of an unnamed character who befriends an upperclassman at his college club. This upperclassman has the ability to see supernatural beings and events, and the main character begins calling him by "shishō" or "master teacher."

Katayama launched the manga in Shonengahosha's Young King Ours magazine in 2013, where it is currently running. Shonengahosha published the manga's fifth volume on March 30. The manga also inspired a comedy spinoff manga titled Shishō Series - Shishō to Boku to, which launched in Shonengahosha's Young King Ours GH in October 2014, and ended in December 2016. Yūga Takauchi drew the manga.

uni compiled some of the stories into two novels that Futabasha published in 2014. The series also received a radio drama adaptation that began last August. A live-action film, television series, and television anime was planned for the series, but has not yet materialized. At the time of the announcement, Mahiro Takasugi was announced as the "image character" for the anime, which would have been a hybrid of both live-action and anime. Studio Pierrot Plus was the planned studio for the anime, and a promotional video was streamed.

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