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Kodansha Comics to Release Kounodori, Hotaru no Hikari, Kin Kyori Renai Manga Digitally

posted on by Karen Ressler
3 manga that inspired live-action adaptations to debut July 18

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Kodansha Comics announced on Monday that it will release the Yū Suzunoki's Kounodori: Dr. Stork, Satoru Hiura's Hotaru's Way, and Rin Mikimoto's Love's Reach manga digitally. All three titles will debut on July 18.

Kodansha Comics describes Kounodori: Dr. Stork (Kōnodori):

Childbirth isn't an illness, so under normal circumstances, insurance won't cover it. Delivery staff doesn't cure disease or treat injuries, so there's no need for a doctor...unless, of course, circumstances aren't normal. This smash-hit drama gives a look into the lives of the men and women who work to welcome 1,000,000 new lives into the world each year in Japan.

Suzunoki launched the manga in Kodansha's Morning magazine in August 2012. Kodansha published the 18th volume on June 23. The manga inspired a live-action drama adaptation in October 2015, and a sequel is slated for October.

Hotaru's Way (Hotaru no Hikari) ran in Kiss magazine from 2004 to 2009 and spanned 15 total collected volumes. The story followed a 27-year-old office worker Hotaru who is uninterested in love. Hotaru's situation gets complicated as she suddenly finds herself living with her boss, Seiichi Takano.

The manga spawned the Hotaru no Hikari SP sequel manga, which follows Hotaru after she gets married and discovers the difficulties of married life. The sequel ended in May and Hiura will launch a new sequel manga titled Hotaru no Hikari BABY in October.

The original manga has inspired two live-action television series as well as a live-action film that opened in 2012.

Kodansha Comics describes Love's Reach (Kin Kyori Renai):

Haruka Sakurai is an English teacher taking over for a homeroom teacher who went on maternity leave, and Yuni Kururugi loves the way he looks. But she hates his flashy attitude. Thanks to that, her English grades have plummeted (everything else she has a perfect score on!) Now she has to take extra lessons with him after school, and she discovers Sakurai's gentle side?!

Mikimoto launched the series in Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine in 2008, and Kodansha published the 10th and final compiled volume in 2011. The manga inspired a live-action film and Kin Kyori Ren ~Season Zero~ prequel television series in 2014.

[Via Deb Aoki]

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