Avex Pictures Acquires Muv-Luv Game Maker Ixtl

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Game company Age founded Ixtl in 2011 as rights management company

Game developer and animation production company Ixtl announced on Monday that media company Avex Pictures acquired a 90% controlling stake in Ixtl, and that Ixtl has become a subsidiary of Avex Pictures. The announcement states that Avex Pictures acquired Ixtl in order to advance in the video game industry. Avex Pictures aims to cultivate and use Ixtl's large library of games.

Before the acquisition, Ixtl CEO Takashi Nakanishi held a 60% share in the company, with Nippon Cultural Broadcasting owning 20% and Good Smile Company owning another 20%. Avex Pictures bought out the stake of the latter two companies, as well as most of the company stake that Nakanishi held. Nakanishi still maintains a 10% stake in Ixtl, and will continue on as its CEO.

Game developer Age founded Ixtl in 2011 as a rights management company for its intellectual property, particularly for the Muv-Luv franchise. That franchise has since then spawned sequels, spinoffs, adaptations, and derivative works, including the Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and Schwarzes Marken television anime, for which it is also credited for animation production. Ixtl still releases games under the Age brand name.

Avex Pictures previously managed the distribution for many Ixtl products, including game software, anime home video releases, music CDs, and other merchandise.

Ixtl previously launched a successful Kickstarter campaign alongside publisher Degica to localize its Muv-Luv game series. Ixtl and Degica released the game in July 2016.

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Source: Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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