Onyankopon 3DCG 'Dance' Anime Stars Maaya Uchida, Shunya Ōhira

posted on 2017-07-28 15:35 EDT by Karen Ressler
gdgd Fairies' Sōta Sugahara directs anime about West African god helping Japanese high school girls

The official Twitter account for the upcoming 3DCG "dance" anime Onyankopon announced the main cast on Friday. Maaya Uchida will star as Onyankopon, a West African sky god who appears as a cat in the show, and Shunya Ōhira will play Axolotl, Onyankopon's subordinate.

The anime's "Onyankopon" watched over people long ago, but one day an old woman accidentally hit Onyankopon in the head with a mallet while mashing yams. Since then, Onyankopon has been nervous about greeting people directly, and so sends subordinates to speak to them and solve their problems. In the show, Onyankopon will use Afrobeat and dance to help Japanese high school girls with problems such as dieting, love, and cramming for exams.

The show will premiere in October on the MixChannel online streaming site. Sōta Sugahara (gdgd Fairies, Hi-sCool! Seha Girls) is directing the series and Takeshi Onaka (Lights of the Clione) is writing the scripts. Hikaru Suemasa is designing the characters.

Music duo Makomina is serving as the chief producer for the anime and twin models Rikariko are listed as the producer.

Source: Moca News

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