Sekai Project Licenses The House in Fata Morgana Manga

posted on 2017-08-12 12:41 EDT by Karen Ressler
Manga adapts visual novel published by MangaGamer

Sekai Project announced at its Otakon panel on Saturday that it will publish the manga adaptation of Novectacle's The House in Fata Morgana visual novel through its Sekai Publishing imprint. The first digital volume will be available in late October or early November 2017, and the second is slated for February 2018.

Novectacle's Keika Hanada is credited as the writer on the manga, titled The House in Fata Morgana - Anata no Hitomi o Tozasu Monogatari, and Kanemune is the artist. Akita Shoten published the first volume of the manga in 2015, and released three additional volumes digitally this past March. Sekai Project describes the game's story:

"Everyone to take residence inside this house-
will inevitably will fall into misfortune"

When you came to, "you" were inside an old mansion.
In front of "you" is the master of the home
and a maid with jade-color eyes that you live with.
However, "you" have no memories.
"You" have nothing but the will to survive.
Within the mansion, the maid shows "you" many "plays"...
And it is there where traces of "you" are to be found...

MangaGamer licensed the original visual novel for English release in 2014.

Sekai Project launched a manga publishing initiative in 2015. The initiative's first title was Satoru Sao, Takumi Yanai, and Daisuke Izuka's GATE (Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri) manga, and Sekai Publishing released the first volume in print in 2016.

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