Shunji Iwai's 'Fireworks' Anime Film Earns 170 Million Yen in 1 Day

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Shaft's film sold 133,000 tickets on Friday

The staff of Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? (Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom?), the anime film adaptation of director Shunji Iwai's 1993 live-action drama of the same name, revealed at a stage greeting event on Saturday that the film earned 170 million yen (about US$1.56 million) at the Japanese box office on its opening day on Friday. The film sold 133,000 tickets on Friday, and it is expected to earn a total of 4 billion yen (US$36.6 million) at the Japanese box office.

The film will be distributed in 110 countries and regions.

The cast includes:

Hitoshi Ōne (live-action Bakuman., Moteki) wrote the film's script and Nobuyuki Takeuchi (key animator on Spirited Away, Penguindrum, Bakemonogatari) directed the film at studio SHAFT. Akiyuki Simbo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Nisekoi) served as chief director. Akio Watanabe (Nisemonogatari, Bakemonogatari) designed the characters, and Satoru Kousaki (Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Wandering Son) composed the music. Iwai is credited with the original work.

Kenshi Yonezu and female rap singer DAOKO are performing the theme song "Uchiage Hanabi." DAOKO is also performing a cover of the original drama's theme song "Forever Friends" for the film. Iwai will direct a music video for DAOKO's cover filmed at locations from the original drama.

Ōne's script adds modern elements to Iwai's original story. The film is set on one day during summer vacation, and follows a group of boys who try to view a fireworks display from the town lighthouse to see if they look round or flat when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, one of the boys, Norimichi, receives an invitation from his crush Nazuna to run away with her.

Makoto Fugetsu (Granblue Fantasy manga) launched a manga adaptation of the anime film in the July issue of Kadokawa's Young Ace magazine on June 2.

The original 45-minute television drama premiered in Japan in August 1993 as part of the If: Moshimo series, and it won Iwai the New Directors Award from the Directors Guild of Japan that year. The film starred Megumi Okina and Yuta Yamazaki.

Iwai wrote, directed, and composed the music for The Case of Hana & Alice, his first-feature length anime film and prequel to his earlier live-action film Hana & Alice. The anime film debuted in February 2015.

Source: Sports Nippon via Yaraon!

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