Sanrio's Pom Pom Purin Character Gets Film With DLE's Panpaka Pantsu

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Film opens in 40 theaters in 2-week screening on October 7-20

The official Twitter account for Shizuoka Broadcasting System's character Panpaka Pantsu revealed on Friday that the character will get a film with Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin starring alongside the character. The film, titled Eiga Panpaka Pantsu Matsuri Purin Ara Domo, opens in 40 theaters in Japan for a two-week screening from October 7 to 20. Yoshino Nanjō, who plays Panpaka in the film, will perform the film's theme song "Aoi Pantsu Shiroi Pantsu Sora no Are." This is the first time that the Pom Pom Purin character will appear in a film.

The film will be 30 minutes long. Studio DLE is animating the film with cooperation by Sanrio, and Benpineko (Itsumo Wagamama Gama Ōji, MonHun Nikki Girigiri Airū-mura Airū Kiki Ippatsu) is directing and writing the film.

The Panpaka Pantsu character has already inspired two television short anime series. The first season, titled Panpaka Pantsu O New!, premiered in April 2015. The second season, titled Panpaka Pantsu WO New!, premiered in April 2016 on SBS, before a nationwide airing in June. Studio DLE animated the Flash anime, and Yoshino Nanjo starred in the series as Panpaka and DJ Amigo.

The anime follows Panpaka, a male piglet whose mission it is to collect "wonderful underwear." Panpaka travels with his cat friend Pu-nyan (voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara), and the two of them overcome various hurdles to encounter special underwear, such as mermaid underwear or Kung-Fu underwear.

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