Dance With Devils: Fortuna Film Recasts Nesta With Rikiya Koyama

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Keiji Fujiwara played character in television anime before medical treatment

The official website for Rejet and Elements Garden's Dance With Devils: Fortuna anime film announced on Wednesday that Rikiya Koyama will voice Lord Nesta in the film. He will replace Keiji Fujiwara, who played the character in the game and television anime.

Fujiwara's Air Agency had announced in August 2016 that Fujiwara was taking a break "for a while" from his voice acting activities to undergo medical treatment for an unspecified illness, but announced in June that Fujiwara is taking steps to slowly start resuming his work.

The film will premiere in Japan on November 4. The film will have six different epilogues that will screen at different times. Each epilogue will focus on one of the six lead male characters: Rem, Lindo, Urie, Mage, Shiki, and Loewen.

The new film will feature the same staff as the television anime series. Rejet's Daisuke Iwasaki is in charge of the original plan, and Ai Yoshimura is directing the film at Brain's Base. Tomoko Konparu is writing the script, and Yuka Takashina is adapting Hirotaka Maeda's original character designs for animation. Elements Garden is composing the music, and Elements Garden's Junpei Fujita and DIVE II Entertainment are producing the music. Wataru Hatano, the voice of Lindo, will perform the film's theme song "KING & QUEEN." A CD with the theme song and one other track will ship in Japan on November 22.

The film will also star the same cast as the television anime, plus Toshiyuki Toyonaga as new character Marius (pictured below). The website describes Marius as a "masked storyteller" who watches Ritsuka and the others from afar.

The story centers on second-year high school student Ritsuka Tachibana. She lives a calm and unchanging life. Ritsuka's older brother Lindo returns from studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Shikō Academy student council president Rem Kaginuki calls on the girl, and she begins having mysterious encounters with the student council members. Her life changed a little from that day, but Ritsuka expected nothing more.

However, she comes home to find her mother collapsed with suspicious hooded men nearby. They were not human but devils, vampires, and exorcists seeking the Forbidden Grimoire. Ritsuka's former daily life crumbles around her, and she finds herself slowly becoming attracted to Rem, who helps her in her predicament. On the other hand, confusion deepens with regard to her brother who carries a secret. Ritsuka is unsure what path to choose as she finds herself at the center of a love story.

Game developer Rejet, music production studio Elements Garden, and music production company Avex are collaborating on the Dance With Devils franchise. A 12-episode television anime series premiered in Japan in October 2015. Funimation Entertainment streamed the series with subtitles as it aired in Japan, and also streamed a Broadcast dub.

Rejet's PlayStation Vita game shipped in Japan in March 2016.

Source: MoCa News

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