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Leiji Matsumoto's Sexaroid Manga Gets Sexaroid 4 Sequel

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Midori Aoi draws manga about 4 sisters with special powers

The official website of manga creator and illustrator Leiji Matsumoto announced on Monday that Matsumoto's Sexaroid manga will get a sequel manga titled Sexaroid 4 in the Yūkan Fuji newspaper. Midori Aoi will draw the manga, and Oggi Pictures is in charge of the planning and scenario. The newspaper will debut the manga on October 2, and it will serialize every weekday.

The new manga's story is set 20 years after the ending of the original Sexaroid manga, with Yuki having given birth to quadruplets. Each of the four siblings have special powers, and have matured at varying speeds. They join G Bureau to help their father Shima, who is now the bureau chief, and undertake missions to stop the mysterious Fourth Plan.

The characters include:

Yuki-8, also known as Yuki, the elder sister figure among the siblings, who appears like a modern college student around 20 years old. She has inherited their mother's memories and code name. She has precognitive powers, X-ray vision, and supernatural perception and senses.

Salah-9, a more reserved presence than her sister Yui, and thus often appears older. She appears as a beautiful woman who excels at housework, but she also has data on every martial art and combat technique from around the world.

Xena-11, the most cool and composed among the sisters, who appears as a modern high school girl who never lets her emotions show. In truth, the real Xena passed away soon after being born, and she is an android constructed by nanomachines from her genetic information. She is an expert at nanomachines, and is able to touch any weapon and incorporate them as a natural part of her body. She is also able to strengthen her body and become hard like steel for defense.

Emma-13, who appears as a modern middle school girl. While she is skilled at using her personality to get her way, she is also able to manipulate her genes to transform into one of many half-beast forms (mainly as a half-cat, dolphin, or hawk). Her ability makes her excel in missions that require stealth.

Leiji Matsumoto published the original Sexaroid manga in the Manga Goraku magazine from 1968 to 1970. The spy action manga is set in the year 2222, and centers on G Bureau agent Shima and his partner Yuki, a sex android, or Sexaroid. Together, they infiltrate various countries and organizations to gather intelligence and commit sabotage to further the G Bureau's various "plans."

Matsumoto was born in 1938, and he debuted as a manga artist in 1953 with Michibachi no Bōken (Honeybee's Adventure) while he was still in high school. His notable works include Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, and Queen Emeraldas — all of which inspired multiple anime or live-action adaptations — and he contributed designs and created the tie-in manga for Space Battleship Yamato. He also supervised animated music videos for French electronic pop group Daft Punk's Discovery album, and the videos were strung together into the INTERSTELLA 5555 film.

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